HMS Northumberland (1705)

HMS Northumberland (1705)

For other ships of the same name, see HMS Northumberland, French ship Northumberland, and French ship Atlas.

HMS Northumberland was a 70-gun third-rate ship of the line of the Royal Navy, built at Deptford Dockyard and launched in 1705.

She was rebuilt twice during her career, firstly at Woolwich Dockyard, where she was reconstructed according to the 1719 Establishment and relaunched on 13 July 1721. Her second rebuild was also carried out at Woolwich Dockyard, where she was reconstructed as a 64-gun third rate according to the 1741 proposals of the 1719 Establishment, and relaunched on 17 October 1743.

Northumberland was captured during the action of 8 May 1744 by the French ship Content (commanded by Hubert de Brienne, Comte de Conflans). She was subsequently taken into the French navy as Northumberland, before being renamed Atlas in 1766.

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