HMS - Other Uses

Other Uses

  • Health management system, an evolutionary medicine process that regulates the body's responses to infections and injury.
  • Halbmastwurf-Sicherung, a type of knot used by climbers; or the type of carabiner used with the HMS knot
  • Handheld, Manpack, Small Form Factor, radio transceivers in the United States' military Joint Tactical Radio System
  • Medrysone, by trade name HMS
  • Heavy melting steel, designation for recyclable steel and iron
  • Helmet mounted sight, sight present on a pilot's helmet, used for cueing and tracking a target when a pilot moves his head
  • Hemin storage, a protein found in Yersinia pestis, the causal agent of plague
  • Hexose monophosphate shunt, a biochemical pathway also known as the pentose phosphate pathway
  • Highly migratory species, United Nations term for migrating fish
  • Hypermobility syndrome
  • HMS, a proposed CW Television Network series about Harvard Medical School

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