History of The Administrative Divisions of China - People's Republic of China - Founding


The communist forces initially held scattered fragments of China at the start of the Chinese civil war. By late 1949, they controlled the majority of mainland China, forcing the Republic of China government to relocate to Taiwan.

The People's Republic made the following changes:

  • China was divided into 6 greater administrative areas (大行政区 dà xíngzhèngqū) that came above provinces.
  • Manchuria was reorganized completely.
  • Inner Mongolia was formed out of parts of Manchuria as the first autonomous region.
  • The short-lived province Pingyuan was set up.
  • Jiangsu was temporarily divided into two administrative regions: Subei and Sunan.
  • Anhui was temporarily divided into two administrative regions: Wanbei and Wannan.
  • Sichuan was temporarily divided into four administrative regions: Chuandong, Chuannan, Chuanxi and Chuanbei.

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