History of Portugal (1834–1910)

History Of Portugal (1834–1910)

The history of Portugal from the end of the Liberal Civil War in 1834 to the republican revolution of 1910 was marked by several events that made way for the proclamation of the Portuguese Republic in the 5 October 1910 revolution.

The initial turmoil of coups d'état perpetrated by the victorious generals of the Civil War was followed by a parliamentary unstable system of governmental "rotation" marked by the growth of the Portuguese Republican Party. This was caused mainly by the inefficiency of the monarchic governments as well as the monarchs' apparent lack of interest for the country, aggravated by the British ultimatum for the abandonment of the Portuguese "pink map" project that united Portuguese West Africa and Portuguese East Africa (today's Angola and Mozambique).

The situation culminated in a dictatorship-like government imposed by King Carlos I, in the person of João Franco, followed by the king's assassination in the Lisbon regicide of 1908 and the revolution of 1910.

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History Of Portugal (1834–1910) - 5 October Revolution
... But, militant Republicans and their allies in the Carbonária, were not willing to remain in the shadows of the constitutional monarchy ... Between 4–5 October 1910, members of the Carbonária, republican youth, and elements of the Army instigate a coup d'état against the already weak constitutional monarchy ...

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