History of Elephants in Europe

The history of elephants in Europe dates back to the ice ages, when mammoths (various species of prehistoric elephant) roamed the northern parts of the Earth, from Europe to North America (mastodons only occurred in North America.) There was also the dwarf elephant of Cyprus (Elephas cypriotes), Sicily-Malta (Elephas falconeri) and mainland (Elephas antiquus). However, these became extinct several thousand years ago, and subsequently the presence of elephants in Europe is only due to importation of these animals.

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History Of Elephants In Europe - Examples
... Historical accounts of elephants in Europe include The 20 elephants in the army of Pyrrhus of Epirus, which landed at Tarentum in 280 BC for the first Battle of Heraclea, recorded in Plutarch's Lives ... The most notable elephant in Greek history, called Victor, had long served in Pyrrhus's army, but on seeing its mahout dead before the city walls,it rushed to ... Coins of Tarentum after this battle also featured elephants ...

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