Historical Reenactment in Australia

Historical reenactment in Australia has been occurring since at least the mid-1970s.

The Australasian Living History Federation (ALHF) was formed in 2002 and acts as a focus for historical reenactment and living history societies portraying aspects of world history within Australia (except Queensland - Queensland re-enactment groups are represented by the Queensland Living History Federation (QLHF)). The Australasian Register of Living History Organisations (ARLHO) is a website that provides links to living history groups in Australia and New Zealand.

The Dark Ages, medieval, and Renaissance periods are popular eras for re-enactments, and the three largest events, as measured by participants, focus on these eras of history. 18th and 19th century reenactment groups are also popular, and convey Australian interest in early colonial pre-federation military regiments. The history of the Australian Light Horse regiments an the area of Australian history with wide interest, with nearly 15 groups, the first starting in 1978 formed to reenact this period of military history. There is also some focus on the Australian Pioneer era.

With no conventional land battles and few protracted civil disturbances since the British colonisation of Australia, most military reenactment in Australia focuses on events from other countries (mostly European), including the European Feudal, medieval, and renaissance eras and American Civil War. The Viking Era is popular. The oldest surviving reenactment groups in Australia are the Ancient and Medieval Martial Arts Society, originally established in the 1970s, the New Varangian Guard founded in early 1981. In Queensland the Knights Guild of Wessex and Mercia inc was formed in 1979–80. While focused more on living history rather than reenactment, the Society for Creative Anachronism was formed as a local group in Sydney in 1980, before officially joining the U.S.-based group in late 1981.

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