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List Of Cannon Episodes - Episodes - Season 5: 1975–76
... Lenski 10 September 1975 A dying man confesses to the murder of Cannon's wife and child, but he dies before explaining his motive 2 ... "The Deadly Conspiracy" Michael Caffey ... of Venom" Chris Robinson Larry Alexander 22 October 1975 A group of terrorists have drugged Cannon with a poison, giving him 72 hours to give them a defector and receive the ... Lawrence Dobkin Howard Dimsdale 5 November 1975 Down for the count, an oil company VP turns to Cannon to prove his innocence 10 ... "The Melted Man" Leo Penn Norman Lessing 12 November 1975 ...
List Of Cannon Episodes - Episodes - Season 2: 1972–73
1972 Deputy District Attorney Michael Arnold is accused of murdering his wife, and he calls on Cannon help him 2 ... "Sky Above, Death Below" George McCowan Hal Sitowitz 20 ... Lenski 15 November 1972 Cannon is hired by the wife of a missing ranch owner when his privately hired security service somehow hasn't been able to find him for six days 10 ... "The Shadow Man" Robert ... expert is threatened by three businessmen, and his wife, an ex-cop, calls Cannon 12 ... "The Endangered Species" Robert Douglas Del Reisman 13 December 1972 Cannon's friend, a yacht builder, is ...
List Of Cannon Episodes - Episodes - Season 1: 1971–72
1 1 "The Salinas Jackpot" George McCowan Ken Trevey 14 September 1971 An insurance company hires Cannon to track down the men who robbed a rodeo of $100,000 2 ... "Death Chain" Jerry Jameson David Moessinger ... When a series of costly truck hijackings leads to murder, Cannon's brought in to capture the thieves 4 ... "Country Blues" Allen Reisner Ronald Austin, James D ... When a beloved country singer is killed in a suspicious plane crash, an insurance company hires Cannon to investigate 5 ... "Scream of Silence" Jerry Jameson Robert L ...

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    The cannon thunders ... limbs fly in all directions ... one can hear the groans of victims and the howling of those performing the sacrifice ... it’s Humanity in search of happiness.
    Charles Baudelaire (1821–1867)