Hindu Succession Act, 1956 - Certain Exceptions

Certain Exceptions

If, and the heirs are both male and female, the female heir is not allowed to request partition until the male heir chooses to divide their respective shares. If this female heir is a daughter, she has the right to reside in the home if she is unmarried, divorced or widowed. After the Hindu Succession (Amendment) Act, 2005 Section 6 the difference between the female and male inheritor has been abolished - Now even female inheritor can also claim partition of the ancestral property.

Any person who commits murder is disqualified from receiving any form of inheritance from the victim.

If a relative converts from Hinduism, he or she is still eligible for inheritance. The descendants of that converted relative, however, are disqualified from receiving inheritance from their Hindu relatives, unless they have converted back to Hinduism before the death of the relative.

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