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Andreas Hillgruber - The Historikerstreit - Zweierlei Untergang
... Hillgruber was one of the protagonists in the so-called Historikerstreit, the Historians' Dispute (or Historians' Controversy) of 1986-87 ... Hillgruber felt that the Holocaust was a horrific tragedy, but just one of many that occurred in the 20th century ... In a 1986 interview, Hillgruber stated there was no moral difference between the Soviet regime and the Nazi regime, and that the Holocaust was not unique ...
Andreas Hillgruber - Historical Perspective - Continuities and Discontinuities of German History
... Hillgruber's area of expertise was German history from 1871 to 1945, especially its political, diplomatic and military aspects ... In his first address as a professor at Freiburg in 1969, Hillgruber argued for understanding the entire "Bismarck Reich" as one of continuities between 1871-1945 ... For Hillgruber, the continuities of the "Bismarck Reich" were a certain mentalité amongst German elites, namely a Weltanschuauung (world view) that emphasized an "either-or" outlook on international relations ...

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    When I wrote of the women in their dances and wildness, it was a mask,
    on their mountain, gold-hunting, singing, in orgy,
    it was a mask; when I wrote of the god,
    fragmented, exiled from himself, his life, the love gone down with song,
    it was myself, split open, unable to speak, in exile from myself.
    No more masks! No more mythologies!
    Muriel Rukeyser (1913–1980)