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Underground Empire Tube

The Underground Empire Tube (地底帝国チューブ, Chitei Teikoku Chūbu?) is described as a peaceful underground empire that came into being five millennia ago under the rule of the Igam family. Once it comes under the rule of the usurper Zeba, Tube begins preparing for war on the surface. They are based at the Underground Castle until Zeba has it destroyed.

  • Underground Emperor Zeba (地帝王ゼーバ, Chiteiō Zēba?): Zeba is the leader of the underground Empire Tube. He hates all human beings and is a master of the Dark Aura, desiring to turn the surface into a cold and dark place. His true form is the monster Lethal Doggler The 2nd (リサールドグラーII世, Risārudogurā Nisei?) whose father, the original Lethal Doggler, is killed by the Igam Family for terrorizing the underground. Before dying, it spawns an egg that results in Zeba's birth; the child devours his parent to become stronger. The new Lethal Doggler grows with nothing on his mind but revenge, disguising himself as Zeba and rule the Igam Royal Family. Upon assuming the throne, Zeba corrupts the underground into a violent kingdom and enslaves the underground humans. When he learns that his defeat was foretold to be at the hands of the surviving twin daughters of the Igam family, he keeps them apart while taking measures to ensure no one learns about his true identity, momentarily assumes his true form whenever someone gets too close to the truth. With Ial revived and his identity revealed, Zeba quickly enacts his final plan to raise the Underground Castle and spread his Dark Aura around the world to usher in an age of darkness at the cost of his followers. Once on the surface, Zeba battles the Maskmen personally in his Dark Aura domain. However, Ial and Igam augment their powers with the Maskmen's to negate his Dark Aura. Forced back into his true form, the Rizal Doggler is blasted by the Jet Cannon at full power, using the energies from the weapon to enlarge himself before being finally destroyed by Galaxy Robo.
  • Underground Imperial Prince Igam (地帝王子イガム, Chiteiōshi Igamu?): The older twin sister of Princess Ial, she is raised as a man to one day take the throne until Zeba overthrew her parents. As a result, Ial is spared to serve under Zeba as one of his prized warriors. She is trained in the way of combat by the Fu Clan and uses the dragon gauntlets on her forearms to execute attacks. When Ial falls in love with Takeru, Igam feels her sister is a disgrace to their family, and vows to kill Takeru. She also has a desire to kill Ial for her transgression, but she cannot carry it out under orders from Zeba himself. One of her attempts in killing Takeru involves conjuring the Death Ring, a family tradition where the user uses up their energy to project an electrified force field. When Baraba gains the Royal Underground Sword, Igam is forced to turn to the Igam Dragon for aid. When Akira is restored from being Unas, Igam's identity as a woman is revealed to the Maskmen. Takeru then hesitates to fight her and attempts to reason with her. After she is given permission to kill her sister, Igam learns the truth behind Zeba and is conflicted until she learns that he used her to achieve his goal. Disillusioned and seeing herself beyond redemption, Igam finds a new reason to live when she sees the Buddha as she helps the Maskmen defeat Zeba. Soon after, Igam becomes a Buddhist nun to repent for her sins, and leaves her sister to become the new heir to the Igam kingdom.
  • Underground Curiosities Beast Anagmas (地奇地奇獣アナグマス, Chiki Chikijū Anagumasu?, 1–50): He is an overweight beast who is three centuries old and knows all, a master of dark arts who uses a croquet mallet as his weapon. As Zeba's advisor, he is able to freely access the Underground Library, which contains the history of the Tube civilization. Normally remaining at the sidelines, Anagmas first reveals himself to the Maskmen prior to setting up a scheme to remove Great Five. Later, he learns the truth about Zeba and is sent to kill Ial. Anagmas is killed by the Maskmen with the Jet Cannon and Galaxy Robo.
  • Underground Imperial Commander Baraba (地帝指令バラバ, Chitei Shirei Baraba?, 1–48): A cold-blooded, sadistic and merciless skilled swordsman and strongman of the Baluga tribe and is a rival of Igam. He carries a heavy blade that only he is strong enough to use in battle. When sentenced to death by Zeba for his failure, he goes to the Underground Dungeon to kill the Devil Doggler and obtain the Royal Underground Sword. He lost the fight until he is driven mad by his mother's death at the hands of the monster, killing the monster with the Royal Underground Sword. Later, after failing to revive the War God, Baraba gets one last chance to redeem himself. He makes a deal with Kiros and kidnaps Princess Ial to lure Takeru into a trap. Once the plan falls apart, and Oyobu turns his back on him, Baraba is killed by Red Mask in a final duel.
  • Underground Imperial Ninja Oyobu (地帝忍オヨブー, Chiteinin Oyobū?): A ninja of the Buyon tribe with red skin and large pointy ears who serves under Baraba. He can throw life-manifested fire from his hands and run at near-lightspeed. While pleading with his master not to take Ial, he ends up being frozen but manages to thaw himself out. Though he comes to his master's aid, Oyobu refuses to aid Baraba in his final fight. Though he learns the truth about Zeba and discovers that he is nothing more than an expandable pawn, Oyobu continues his part in the fiend's plan in sacrificing the Underground Castle as he is consumed in the resulting explosion.
  • Underground Imperial Ninja Fumin (地帝忍フーミン, Chiteinin Fūmin?): A Kunoichi of the Fu clan, a group of ninja who have served under the Igam family for generations. She is able to shoot shurikens and fire from her mouth, Fumin's abilities rival those of Haruka. She assumes guises like that of the idol Marina Shimada during Igam's plan of turning humans into Unglers. Though she learns her mistress's identity, Fumin remains by Igam's side until she is killed in the Underground Castle while protecting Igam when the castle is being destroyed.
  • Energy Beast Okelampa (エネルギー獣オケランパ, Enerugījū Okeranpa?): A bug-mollusk hybrid that emerges when the monsters of the Tube Empire are defeated by the Maskmen. With its ray, the Doggler monsters are enlarged as Okelampa utters "yare-yare" ("Good heavens!") before taking his leave. Okelampa's fate is never revealed.
  • Ungler Soldiers (アングラー兵, Angurā Hei?): The black-skinned foot soldiers with vines covering their faces. Their name derives from "underground".

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