High Sheriff of Shropshire - 20th Century

20th Century

  • 1900: Frank Bibby of Hardwicke Grange, Hadnall.
  • 1901: John Sidney Burton-Borough of Chetwynd Park, Newport
  • 1902: James Augustine Harvey Thursby-Pelham of Cound Hall, Shrewsbury
  • 1903: William Henry Foster of Apley Park, Bridgnorth
  • 1904: Herbert James Hope-Edwards of Netley, Dorrington, Shrewsbury
  • 1905: Charles Edward Morris of Oxon, near Shrewsbury
  • 1906: Alfred Edmund William Darby of Adcote, near Baswich
  • 1907: Charles Francis Kynaston Mainwaring of Otley Park, Ellesmere
  • 1908: Edward Charles Ayshford Sanford CMG, of Chipley Park, Wellington
  • 1909: Alfred Wynne Corrie of Park Hall, Oswestry
  • 1910: Sir Raymond Robert Tyrwhitt-Wilson Bt ( later Baron Berners of Stanley Hall.
  • 1911: Edward Brocklehurst Fielden of Condover Hall, Shrewsbury
  • 1912: Alexander Cowan McCorquodale, of Cound Hall, Shrewsbury
  • 1913: Charles Ralph Borlase Wingfield of Onslow, near Shrewsbury.
  • 1914: Sir William St Andrew Rouse-Boughton Bt. of Downton Hall, Stanton Lacy.
  • 1915: William Swire of Longden Manor,Shrewsbury
  • 1916: James Volant Wheeler of Bitterley Court, Bitterley, Ludlow
  • 1917: John Reid Walker of Ruckley Grange, Shifnal
  • 1918: John Henry Arthur Whitley of Bourton, Much Wenlock
  • 1919: Lt Col Nathaniel Ffarington Eckersley of The Trench, Wem
  • 1920: Henry Ernest Whittaker of Ludford Park, Ludlow
  • 1921: Captain James Whittaker of Winsley Hall, Shrewsbury
  • 1922: Colonel John Robert Howard-McLean of Aston Hall, Shifnal
  • 1923: Alfred Rowland Clegg of Nash Court near Tenbury
  • 1924: Captain Harry Anthony Van Bergen of Ferney Hall, near Craven Arms
  • 1925: Humphrey Sandford, of The Isle, Shrewsbury
  • 1926: Norman William Howard-McLean, of Brereton Hall
  • 1927: Lieut.-Col. Ralph Charles Donaldson - Hudson of Cheswardine, Market Drayton
  • 1928: Major Herbert Rushton Sykes, of Lydham Manor, Bishops Castle.
  • 1929: Capt. Frank Brian Frederic Bibby, of Sansaw, Shrewsbury.
  • 1930: John Arthur Gwynn Sparrow, of Albrighton Hall, Shrewsbury
  • 1931: Lieut.-Col. Harold Platt Sykes, of Longford Hall, Newport
  • 1932: Major Arthur William Foster of Apley Park, Bridgnorth
  • 1933: John Russell Allcroft, of Stokesay Court, Onibury
  • 1934: Sir Offley Wakeman Bt. of Yeaton Peverey House, near Shrewsbury
  • 1935: Robert Orlando Rodolph Kenyon-Slaney of Hatton Grange, Shifnal
  • 1936: Lt Col Hon Francis Henry Cecil Weld-Forrester of Decker Hill, Shifnal
  • 1937: Joseph Eccles, of Halston Hall, Whittington, Oswestry
  • 1938: Col. Charles Reginald Morris-Eyton of Walford Manor, Baschurch, Shrewsbury
  • 1939: Major Charles Morris Threlfall, of Ruyton Manor, Shrewsbury
  • 1940: Sir Edward Hotham Rouse-Boughton Bt. of Downton Hall, Stanton Lacy.
  • 1941: Lieut.-Col. Roger Arthur Mostyn-Owen, of Woodhouse, Oswestry
  • 1942: Major Anthony Charles Stevens Bovill, of Mytton Hall, Montford Bridge, Shrewsbury
  • 1943: Lieut.-Col. John Nicholas Price Wood, of Henley Hall, Ludlow
  • 1944: Major Lawrence Warner Wyld Lees, of Old Hall, Cheswardine, Market Drayton
  • 1945: Lieut.-Colonel George Paton Pollitt of Harnage Grange, Cressage, Shrewsbury
  • 1946: Wiston John Kynnersley-Browne of Leighton Hall, Shrewsbury
  • 1947: Reginald Adam Black, of Prees Hall, Whitchurch
  • 1948: Folliott Sandford Neale, of Berwick House, Shrewsbury
  • 1949: Captain Codrington Gwynne Reid Walker, of Ruckley Grange, Shifnal
  • 1950: Major Reginald Culcheth Holcroft, of Wrentnall House, Pulverbatch, Shrewsbury
  • 1951: Brigadier Sir Alexander Beville Gibbons Stanier, 2nd Baronet of The Citadel, Weston, Shrewsbury.
  • 1952: Lieut-Colonel William Warburton Hayes, of Harcourt, Stanton, Shrewsbury.
  • 1953: Charles Wingfield of Onslow, near Shrewsbury.
  • 1954: Lieut.-Colonel Edward Anthony Fielden of Court of Hill, Ludlow
  • 1955: Arthur Frederick Vavasour McConnell, of Hampton Hall, Worthen
  • 1956: Sir Richard Tihel Leighton Bt. of Loton Park
  • 1957: Col. J.S. Burton Borough
  • 1958: Sir Oliver William Hargreaves Leese Bt., K.C.B., C.B.E., D.S.O.,of Lower Hall, Worfield, Bridgnorth.
  • 1959: Captain Richard William Corbett of The Dower House, Longnor, near Shrewsbury.
  • 1960: Arthur Nicholas Fielden, of Cruckton Cottage, Shrewsbury.
  • 1961: Lieut.-Colonel Arthur Patrick Sykes of Lydham Manor, Bishop's Castle.
  • 1962: Brigadier James Norman Ritchie of Yeaton House, Baschurch
  • 1963: Major Edward Fitzhardinge Peyton Gage, of Chyknell, Bridgnorth
  • 1964: Charles Hugh Rogers-Coltman of The Home, Bishop's Castle
  • 1965: Brigadier Gordon Forbes Maclean of Pentreheylin, Maesbrook, Llanymynech.
  • 1966: Lieut.-Colonel Sir John Vincent Corbet, 7th Baronet of Acton Reynald, Shrewsbury.
  • 1967: William Francis Godfrey Plowden of Plowden Hall, Lydbury North.
  • 1968: John Leigh Reed of Sidbury Hall, Bridgnorth.
  • 1969: Peter George Culcheth Holcroft of Eaton Mascott Hall, Berrington, near Shrewsbury.
  • 1970: Major Hubert Robert Holden of Sibdon Castle, Craven Arms.
  • 1971: John Seymour Evan Rocke of Clungunford House, Craven Arms.
  • 1972: Major Francis John Yates, of The Wood, CodsaH Wood, near Wolverhampton
  • 1973: Robert Ivan Kenyon-Slaney of Hatton Grange, Shifnal.
  • 1974: Captain John Michael George Lumsden of Henley Hall, Ludlow.
  • 1975: Colonel Guy Mytton Thornycroft, of The Mount, Cressage, near Shrewsbury
  • 1976: Lieut.-Col. Robert Charles Henry Armitstead, of Stoke Court, Greete, Ludlow
  • 1977: Peter Howard Thompson, of Coton Hall, Bridgnorth
  • 1978: John Anthony Fielden, of Court of Hill, Ludlow.
  • 1979: William Simon Rodolph Kenyon-Slaney, of Chyknell, Bridgnorth.
  • 1980: Lieut-Colonel Robert Charles Gilfrid Morris-Eyton,T.D., of Calvington Manor, Newport.
  • 1981: Vesey Martin Edward Holt, of Orleton Hall, Wellington, Telford.
  • 1982: John Cyril Yeoward of Newcastle Court, Clun, Craven Arms
  • 1983: David Langdon Upton Scott, of Harnage Grange, Cressage.
  • 1984: Christopher Ronald Thompson, of Aldenham Park, Morville, near Bridgnorth.
  • 1985: Christopher Stephen Motley, of Chilton Grove, Atcham, near Shrewsbury
  • 1986: Timothy Claud Heywood-Lonsdale, of The Old Laundry, Shavington, Market Drayton.
  • 1987: Algernon Eustace Hugh Heber-Percy
  • 1988: Roger Everard Angell-James, of Berwick House, Shrewsbury.
  • 1989: David Robin Bibby Thompson of Sansaw, Clive, Shrewsbury.
  • 1990: Denis Peareth Hornell Lennox, of The Old Mill, Bayton, near Kidderminster, Worcestershire, died and was replaced by Hugh Bernard Meynell, of Brockton Court, Shifnal
  • 1991: Lionel Richard Jebb, of The Lyth, Ellesmere.
  • 1992: Edward Martin Amphlett Thompson, of The Bolt Hole, Six Ashes, Bridgnorth.
  • 1993: Roger Michael Gabb
  • 1994: Jeremy Hugh Gifford Lywood of Ashford Court,Ashford Carbonel, Ludlow.
  • 1995: Nicholas Edward Egerton Stephens of Grafton Lodge, Montford Bridge, Shrewsbury.
  • 1996: Timothy William Edward Corbett, Esq., of The Dower House, Longnor, Shrewsbury.
  • 1997: Elizabeth Catherine Weld-Forester, Baroness Forester, of Willey Park
  • 1998: Lindsay Claude Neils Bury, of Millichope Park, Munslow, Craven Arms.
  • 1999: Jonathan Rupert Blakiston Lovegrove-Fielden, of Longden Manor, Pontesford, Shrewsbury

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