High School Baseball in Japan - Particulars


In the week preceding the tournament in spring and summer, teams who have won a spot in the tournament each hold a 30 minute practice on the grounds of Hanshin Kōshien Stadium. This is mainly to help the players adjust to the environment of the stadium. In the summer, due to scheduling conflicts with the Hanshin Tigers of Nippon Professional Baseball, the Tigers are forced to go on a three-week road trip every year during this period to allow the tournament to take place.

In addition, teams are able to practice during the tournament at public and private facilities made available in Nishinomiya, and neighboring Osaka, Amagasaki, and Kobe.

Usually, 1st year students cannot take part in Spring Kōshien (only 2nd and 3rd year students), so in three years of high school there are five chances for a player to go to Kōshien.

In November 2004, in response to a growing trend among Japan's youths, the Baseball Federation announced that players could not participate with dyed-hair or shaved eyebrows.

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