Hexic 2 - Gameplay - New Pieces and Features

New Pieces and Features

  • Emeralds - 2 piece changer tile. Emeralds are created by forming a row or line of 5 or more same-colored pieces or circling one piece by 6 pieces with all 6 having 1 color. The resulting piece is an Emerald. Lining up 5 or more Emeralds will result in a Starflower or circling one piece by 6 Emeralds.
  • Rubies - 4 piece changer tile. Rubies are created by lining up 5 or more Starflowers in a row or circling one piece by 6 Starflowers.
  • Black Pearls are no longer created by circling one piece by 6 Starflowers; they are now formed by lining up 5 or more Rubies in a row, or circling one piece by 6 Rubies.
  • Lines or Rows - Forming a line of 5 or more pieces results in the creation of at least one of the next piece in chain of command. Color > Emerald > Starflower > Ruby > Black Pearl. The line in effect creates pieces in all positions of the original line minus the two pieces at each end (#-4). So, using an extreme example, if a line of 11 Starflowers is made (2 rows of 4, then rotate in 3 in the middle), 7 Rubies are made, and a line of 7 Rubies makes 3 Black Pearls.
  • Detonation - Emeralds, Starflowers, Rubies and Black Pearls can be detonated on the player's command. The explosion causes some of the adjacent pieces to explode, making it easier to destroy "locked" pieces or clear bombs.
  • Chain Reactions - If a piece that is detonated has an Emerald, Starflower, Ruby or Black Pearl next to it, the initial explosion will cause the 2nd piece to explode, which in turn blows up the pieces that are adjacent to it. In this manner, long chains of pieces can be linked together and detonated in a single massive chain reaction.

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