Heroes of Might and Magic V: Tribes of The East - Story - To Honor Our Fathers

To Honor Our Fathers

At the same time (as it is revealed later), the young Orc Gotai takes lead of the Orcs and hopes to crush the demons. In order to do so, however, he must brave many trials, the first of which is to gather the support of various tribes. To do so, Gotai sends Kujin, who manages to assemble an army of Orcs. Gotai then chooses to respect the soul of Kunyak, the greatest of the Orcs who led them to freedom, by going to his burial place in a wizard city. After doing so, he avenges the death of Quroq by killing Alaric. After the false queen was revealed as the Succubus Biara, Alaric had actually gone mad and hoped to kill all the Orcs believing that it was all just an illusion and he still was to follow the wishes of his master. Though Gotai offers Alaric the chance to die honorably, Alaric shows no sign of sanity in his final moments.

During Kujin's travels, it is also revealed that Biara had killed the heir of the Griffin Empire to corrupt the Griffin Heart, an artifact used to repel demons. It now summons demons to bolster Biara's ranks.

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