Herman Kalckar

Herman Kalckar

Herman Moritz Kalckar (1908–1991) was a Danish biochemist who pioneered the study of cellular respiration. Kalckar made a number of significant contributions to the development of 20th century biochemistry including:

  • a founder of bioenergetics;
  • enzymology, including novel assay techniques;
  • galactose metabolism in both microorganisms and animal tissues;
  • suggestion that strontium-90 levels in children’s deciduous teeth correlated with nuclear testing.

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... Upon completing his graduate studies, Kalckar received a Rockefeller research fellowship to spend a year at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) ... After arriving in the United States in early 1939, Kalckar briefly visited the Cori lab in St ... The Coris had unsuccessfully attempted to reproduce Kalckar's oxidative phosphorylation work, and Kalckar was able to point out a key element missing in their experiment ...