Heritage At Risk - Key Statistics

Key Statistics

Key results of 2011 Heritage at Risk research in England:

  • 3.0% (937) Grade I and II* listed buildings are at risk
  • 16.9% (3,339) of England's 19,748 scheduled monuments are at risk
  • 6.4% (103) registered parks and gardens at risk
  • 14.0% (6) registered battlefields are at risk
  • 15.2% (7) protected wreck sites are at risk
  • 6.6% (516) conservation areas surveyed are at risk

For comparison, survey results in 2010 were:

  • 3.1% (968) Grade I and II* listed buildings were at risk
  • 17.2% (3,395) England's 19,731 scheduled monuments were at risk
  • 6.2% (99) registered parks and gardens were at risk
  • 14.0% (6) registered battlefields were at risk
  • 17.4% (8) protected wreck sites were at risk
  • 7.4% (549) conservation areas surveyed were at risk

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