Herdsman (plural herdsmen) can refer to:

  • a Herder, a worker who lives a possibly semi-nomadic life, caring for various domestic animals
  • the Perth suburb Herdsman, Western Australia
    • Herdsman Lake, a groundwater lake located in Herdsman
  • The Herdsman, a 1982 Chinese film by Xie Jin
  • Stephen Herdsman (born 1975), American soccer defender

Other articles related to "herdsman":

... gregum..." The Latin means either a shepherd or a herdsman ... Dugdale in Monasticon Anglicanum says "Eoves, a herdsman of the bishop..." ... George May, the most eminent of Evesham historians, gives both herdsman and swineherd ...
Daphne (opera) - Synopsis
... Just then a mysterious herdsman appears ... The strange herdsman tells Daphne that he has watched her from his chariot, and repeats to her phrases from the hymn to nature she sang earlier ... Believing him to be a woman she agrees, but the strange herdsman stops the dance with a thunderclap and says she has been deceived ...
Leopard Of The Yellagiri Hills - Origins
... limited itself to killing the cows of a herdsman named Nathan, who over a three month period, lost four of his animals to the beast ... Two other herdsman in his village lost a couple each ... The leopard followed the herds, but was driven out by the herdsman every time, until one day, hunger drove it to kill a cow in front of two men ...
The Herdsman
... The Herdsman (simplified Chinese 牧马人 traditional Chinese 牧馬人 pinyin Mù Mǎ Rén) is a 1982 Chinese film about the life of a herdsman in western China from 1950s through the Cultural ...

Famous quotes containing the word herdsman:

    The years like great black oxen tread the world,
    And God the herdsman treads them on behind,
    And I am broken by their passing feet.
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)