Heraclius The Elder

Heraclius the Elder (Latin: Heraclius; Greek: Ἡράκλειος) (died 610) was an East Roman (Byzantine) general and the father of Byzantine Emperor Heraclius (r. 610–641). Of Armenian origin, the elder Heraclius distinguished himself in the wars against the Sassanid Persians in the 580s. Circa 600, he was appointed as the Exarch of Africa. In 608, he rebelled with his son against the usurper Phocas (r. 602–610). Using Africa as a base, the younger Heraclius managed to overthrow Phocas, beginning the Heraclian dynasty, which would rule Byzantium for a century. Heraclius the Elder died soon after receiving news of his son's accession.

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Heraclius The Elder - Assessment
... While Heraclius the Elder was a prominent general of his time, his military achievements were rather modest ... his career were arguably attempting to magnify their importance to give Heraclius the Younger an exalted ancestry ...

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