Henry IX

Henry IX may refer to:

  • Henry IX, Duke of Bavaria, also called the Black
  • Henry Benedict Stuart (1725–1807), Jacobite claimant to the throne of England, Scotland and Ireland
  • Henry Dundas, 1st Viscount Melville (1742–1811), nicknamed "Henry IX" for his personal power in Scotland
  • In Martin Amis' Yellow Dog (novel) (2003), a Henry IX (probably Prince Henry of Wales) rules the United Kingdom
  • In the referenced alternate version of Man in the High Castle within Kingsley Amis's The Alteration, Henry IX of England is the son of Henry VIII and succeeds him
  • In the Code Geass reality, Henry IX is an illegitimate son of Queen Elizabeth I by one of her lovers
  • Possible future regnal name for Prince Harry of Wales (born 1984), if he succeeds to the throne of the United Kingdom

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Louis II, Duke Of Brieg - Life
... The death of his father in 1399 left him and his older half-brother Henry IX as the co-rulers of the Duchy of Brieg however, one year later (October 1400) they decided to make a formal division of their domains Louis ... Henry IX, in order to gather the ransom for his brother, imposed on the inhabitants of Brzeg, as well on his own subjects of Chojnów and Oława an additional tax ... and a rent of 6,000 fines were assigned to Henryk IX ...
History Of The Jacobite Line Of Succession - "Henry IX & I"
... On the day of Henry IX's death, 13 July 1807, the line of succession to the Jacobite claim was as follows (following primogeniture) Charles Emmanuel IV of. 17 December 1757), third daughter of Victor Amadeus Henry IX was the last actual claimant to the thrones ...
Henry X Rumpold - Life
... After the early death of his father in 1397, Henry X was first under the care of his mother and the guardianship of Duke Rupert I of Legnica, and since 1401 under the tutelage of his older brothers Jan I ... Henry X, received together with his brothers Henry IX and Wenceslaus the Duchy of Głogów however, he wasn't interested in the internal affairs of the Duchy and leave all the ... Henry X remained at the service of the Emperor Sigismund ...
Henry IX, Duke Of Bavaria - Life and Reign
... Henry was the second son of Welf I, Duke of Bavaria and Judith of Flanders ... In 1116, he joined Emperor Henry V's Italian campaign ... Lothair promised that Gertrud, his only daughter and heir, would marry Henry's son Henry ...

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