Henry Doubleday

Henry Doubleday may refer to:

  • Henry Doubleday (1808–1875), English entomologist and ornithologist of Epping, Essex, UK
  • Henry Doubleday (1810–1902), English scientist and horticulturist of Coggeshall, Essex, UK

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Henry Doubleday (1810–1902)
... Henry Doubleday (24 October 1808 – 13 December 1902) was an English scientist and horticulturist of Coggeshall in Essex ... Henry Doubleday was the son of William Doubleday and his wife Hannah Corder ... He lived at the same time as his cousin Henry Doubleday (1808-1875) the entomologist and ornithologist ...
Lawrence D. Hills
... journalist, and writer, founder of the Henry Doubleday Research Association (HDRA) Bocking, near Braintree, Essex in 1954, now Garden Organic ... Comfrey, Hills discovered that this common plant was introduced in the nineteenth century by Henry Doubleday (1810–1902) a Quaker smallholder who was so intrigued by its possibilities that he ... Hills took up this crusade, finally naming his fledgling society in Doubleday's memory ...

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