Hengameh Mofid - Activities and Works

Activities and Works

A brief List

Literary works for puppet tele-theaters and TV series

As writer and director:

  • The Farm of Bibi khanoon (first season) (مزرعه بی بی خانوم)
  • The Farm of Bibi khanoon (second season) (مزرعه بی بی خانوم)
  • Night Time Stories (قصه های شبانه)
  • Flower Time "Mo-seme Gol" (موسم گل)
  • The Little Cook (live TV. series) (آشپز کوچولو)
  • Dara & Sara (live TV. series) (دارا و سارا)
  • Sootak & Tootak (سوتک و توتک)

As scriptwriter, voice actress, song writer and music composer (TV. series)

  • Cloud, Wind, Moon And Sun (Dir. K. Samimi Mofakham)(ابر و باد و مه و خورشيد)
  • Sonny And Daddy (Dir. K. Samimi Mofakham) (داداش و باباش)
  • Miss Nazanin (Nazanin khanoom) (Dir. R. Ahmadi) (نازنين خانوم)
  • Water, Water, Life (Dir. K. Samimi Mofakham) (آب، آب، زندگی)
  • Mr. Mabaada (Dir. K. Samimi Mofakham) (آقای مبادا)
  • Gholamhossein Khan Asl Tehrani - a TV. series about city of Tehran at the old times according to Gholamhossein khan, the puppet character- (Dir. M. Boroumand) (غلامحسين خان اصل تهرانی)
  • Hooshi, Gooshi and Mom (Dir. A. Bezdoudeh)
  • Grannie's house (Dir. M. Boroumand) (خونه مادر بزرگه)
  • The Adventures Of Taghi Jan ( Dir. H. Pourshirazi) (ماجراهای تقی جان)
  • Lazybones "Roofoozeh" (Dir. M. Mahboob) (رفوزه)
  • The Singing Bialou (Dir. M. Boroumand) (بیالوی آوازه خان)
  • The Drifters (Dir. A. Seddigh) (در به در ها)

As voice actress

  • Allesoon & Vallesoon (Dir. K. Samimi Mofakham) (السون و ولسون)
  • The Starling And The Wise Hoopoe (Dir. I.Tahmasb)
  • The Itsy-Bitsy Sparrow (Dir. K. Samimi Mofakham) (گنجشکک اشی مشی)



Children and young adults plays from 1971 to 1978, The professional theater group, the Institute for the Intellectual Development of children and Young Adults (Kanoon), directed by: Don Roger Laffoon Ardavan Mofid

  • The Butterfly (Shaparak khanoom) (شاپرک خانوم)
  • The Turnip (ترب)
  • Kouti & Mouti (کوتی و موت)
  • Rise And Shine Miss Sun (khorshid khanoom aaftaab kon) (خورشید خانوم آفتاب کن)
  • An Event In The Puppet Town (حادثه ای در شهر عروسک ها)
  • The Cloak Of Thousand Tales (شنل هزار قصه)
  • The Robots
  • Maktab Khaneh (مکتب خانه)
  • Aria De Capo (آريا دکاپو)
  • The Eagle And The Fox (عقاب و روباه)
  • The Sleeping Luck (Bakhte khofteh) (بخت خفته)
  • Rostam & Sohraab (رستم و سهراب)

Appearances in plays for adults

  • The Moon And The Leopard (written & Directed by: Bijan Mofid) 1971 (ماه و پلنگ)
  • Sohraab, Horse And Dragonfly (written & Directed by: Bijan Mofid) 1978 (سهراب و اسب و سنجاقک)

As song writer and music composer

  • The Gold Tooth (Dir. D.Mirbagheri) 2001 (دندون طلا)
  • A tableau of Love" Pardeh Asheghi" (Dir. D.Mirbagheri) 2002 (پرده عاشقی)

As director

  • The Eagle And The Fox 2004 (عقاب و روباه)

AS writer

  • Pahlevan Kachal and Ververeh jadoo (Dir. H. Jeddikar) (پهلوان کچل و وروره جادو)


  • The Drifters –feature film version- (As scriptwriter, song writer and voice actress) (در به در ها)
  • Once Upon A Time ( Song writer and voice actress) (یکی بود یکی نبود)
  • Children of Iran -a series of feature films, Dir. M. Sarhangi- ( As narrator) (بچه های ايران)
  • Lala & Loulou- animated film, Dir. F. Sorkhabi- (As narrator and voice actress) (لالا و لولو)
  • The Refugee – live action feature film Dir. R. Mollagholipour- (As actress) (پناهنده)
  • Golnaar – children fantasy film, Dir. Kambuzia Partovi- (voice actress) (گلنار)
  • Squash Girl –Dir. R. Jian- (voice actress)

Children Story Record Albums

Chehel tooti Co. albums:

  • The Butterfly (Shaparak khanoom) (شاپرک خانوم)
  • The Turnip (ترب)
  • Kouti & Mouti (کوتی و موت)
  • The Wonderful Farm (Les contes du chat perché) (دم گربه)
  • First Fly (اولين پرواز)
  • Little Songs (favorite nursery songs) (ترانه های کوچک برای بيداری)


  • The Sparrow And The Cotton Boll (as Narrator) (گنجشکک و يک غوزه)
  • Six Raven Chicks And a Fox (Kanoon) (شش جوجه کلاغ و يک روباه)
  • A children's Tale (M. Azadi)
  • Golnaar ( Khaneh Honar va Adabiat) (گلنار)


  • Art Teacher at elementary schools ( Ministry of Education)
  • Municipality Zone No.10, kindergartens supervisor ( Ministry of Education)
  • Concessionaire and headmistress of a private kindergarten for 5 years
  • Headmistress and supervisor at the "Behesht Cultural Centre"
  • Organizing Workshops at International puppet Theater Festival, Tehran, Iran
  • Organizing Workshops with Kalagh Art Group

Puppet Theater and Performing art tutor at:

  • Soureh Art University
  • University of Tehran, Faculty of Fine Art
  • Art University, Faculty of Cinema & Theater

Other Activities From 1971 to 1978

  • Member of professional children and young adults' theater at The institute for the intellectual development of children and young adults (Kanoon)
  • Participation in the Humburg, Wales and Sidney International theater festivals for children and young adults
  • Participation in Folklore dance Festival at Australia, Canberra
  • Member of The Itinerant Theater (Kanoon)

Recent Activities

  • Member of selection committee in Tehran International Puppet Festival For University Students 2005
  • Member of selection committee in The Mobarak Unima International Puppet Festival 2006


  • Honorary Title and Highest insignia of the Academy of Dramatic Arts for Lifetime Achievement in Dramatic Arts
  • Honorary Title and Highest insignia of the International Puppet Theater of Tehran
  • Honorary Title and Highest insignia of the Municipality of Tehran for Lifetime Achievement in Arts
  • Best Play award for writing the "Girls from the Gardens of Carpet" at Fajr International Festival
  • Best Directing award for "night time stories" at The Fourth Television Festival

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