Hell and High Water (book)

Hell And High Water (book)

Hell and High Water: Global Warming — the Solution and the Politics — and What We Should Do is a book by author, scientist, and former U.S. Department of Energy official Joseph J. Romm, published December 26, 2006. The author is "one of the world's leading experts on clean energy, advanced vehicles, energy security, and greenhouse gas mitigation."

The book warns of dire consequences to the U.S. and the world if wide-scale environmental changes are not enacted by the U.S. government within the next decade. It reviews the evidence that the current initial global warming changes will lead to accelerated warming. According to Romm, the oceans, soils, Arctic permafrost, and rainforests may become sources of greenhouse gas emissions. The book claims that, without serious government action within the next ten years, sea levels will rise high enough to submerge numerous coastal communities and inland areas on both U.S. coasts and around the world by the year 2100.

In April 2008, TIME magazine wrote that "On blog and in his most recent book, Hell and High Water, you can find some of the most cogent, memorable, and deployable arguments for immediate and overwhelming action to confront global warming." Romm was interviewed on Fox News on January 31, 2007 about the book and the new IPCC Fourth Assessment Report climate report.

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Hell And High Water (book) - Critical Response
... The Toronto Star's January 1, 2007 review of the booksays that Romm "convincingly shoots down the arguments of those who claim global warming is a hoax or some kind of natural cycle not ... Helland HighWater goes beyond ideological rhetoric to offer pragmatic solutions to avert the threat of global warming — solutions that must be taken seriously by every American ... Green blog "Gristmill" noted on January 14, 2007, "Joseph Romm's Helland HighWater may be the most depressing bookon global warming I've ever read.. ...

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