Helian Bobo

Helian Bobo (赫連勃勃, Middle Chinese: Guangyun: ; 381–425), né Liu Bobo (劉勃勃), courtesy name Qujie (屈孑), formally Emperor Wulie of Xia (夏武烈帝), was the founding emperor of the Chinese/Xiongnu state Xia. He is generally considered to be an extremely cruel ruler, one who betrayed every benefactor that he had, and whose thirst for killing was excessive even for the turbulent times that he was in. He built an impressive capital for his state at Tongwan (統萬, in modern Yulin, Shaanxi) that remained difficult to siege, even hundreds of years later during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period. (Confusingly, the Book of Wei refers to him as Helian Qugai (赫連屈丐), based on a derogatory term that Emperor Taiwu of Northern Wei used to refer to him.)

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Helian Ding's Empress - During Helian Bobo's Reign
... It is not known when Helian Ding was born, or who his mother was ... In 414, when Helian Bobo created his son Helian Gui (赫連璝) crown prince and the other sons dukes, Helian Chang was created the Duke of Pingyuan ... Helian Ding was said to have been a delinquent and frivolous youth, and Helian Bobo had low opinions of him and gave him little authority ...
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... Empress Liang (created 414) Children Helian Gui (赫連璝), the Crown Prince (appointed 414, killed in battle by Helian Chang 424) Helian Yan (赫連延), the Duke of Yangping (appointed 414) Helian Chang ...
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... target, Northern Yan, although after the death of the Xia emperor Helian Bobo later that year, he settled on making Xia his target ... Catching the Xia emperor Helian Chang by surprise, the Northern Wei troops intruded into Tongwan before withdrawing with much loot, while in the south, Helian Chang's generals Helian Yidou ... In spring 427, Helian Chang sent his brother Helian Ding south to try to recapture Chang'an, but Helian Ding's forces became stalemated with Daxi's ...