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The Song

Trask approached it with ambivalence. Trask says of the song's form: "When I started writing that song, the only way I could think to write it was as a picture book. So I wrote it, all the images in it, and the way the story gets told, as the language of, like, a Dr. Seuss picture book. If you read the lyrics out loud, they read like a picture book."

While taken from the story within the story in the Symposium, the song deliberately jumbles deities of different cultures (such as Zeus, Osiris, and Thor.) It puts forward Hedwig's idea that humans have pre-destined soul mates, and that she is seeking hers. At the end of the film Tommy addresses this idea in the reprise of the song Wicked Little Town, arguing that no cosmic force controls our destiny ("And there's no mystical design, no cosmic lover preassigned"), and suggesting that she needs to move on.

According to the Internet Movie Database, and the DVD's commentary track, the vocals for this song as it appears in the film were recorded live.

The animation that accompanies the song in the film version was drawn by Emily Hubley.

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