Hebrew Name

Hebrew Name

Hebrew names are names that have a Hebrew language origin, classically from the Hebrew Bible. They are mostly used by people living in Jewish or Christian parts of the world, but some are also adapted to the Islamic world, particularly if a Hebrew name is mentioned in the Qur'an. When Hebrew-speaking Muslims give names, they do not use specifically Christian or Jewish names. A typical Hebrew name can have many different forms, having been adapted to the phonologies of many different languages. An integral facet of the Jewish religion worldwide is to give a Hebrew name to a child that is used religiously throughout his or her lifetime.

Not all Hebrew names are strictly Hebrew in origin; some names may have been borrowed from other languages since ancient times, including from Egyptian, Aramaic, Phoenician, Greek, Latin, Arabic, Spanish, German, and English.

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Hebrew Name - Hebræo-English Names
... James I of England commissioned a translation of the Tanakh from Hebrew to English, which became the Old Testament component of the new King James Version of ... The promotion of the KJV translation spawned a whole new variety of Hebrew names that were considerably closer to the Hebrew language than their Latin counterparts ... directly from Greek without even partial translations from Hebrew, including names such as Isaac, Moses and Jesse ...

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