Heathored of Whithorn

Heathored of Whithorn is sometimes given as the Northumbrian Bishop of Whithorn (Latin: Candida Casa), following the demise of Bishop Beadwulf. He is possibly the last known Anglo-Saxon Bishop of Whithorn. His name occurs for the last time around 833; no other bishop at Whithorn is known until the accession around three centuries later of Gille Aldan. It is sometimes thought that he may be the same man as Bishop Heathored of Lindisfarne.

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Heathored Of Whithorn - Controversy
... It is possible that his occasional inclusion on the list of the bishops of Whithorn is the result of a scribal mistake or confusion, and that there was no such bishop at ... and the list for Candida Casa includes a certain Heathored as following Beadwulf, but no chronicle (including this one) mentions either Whithorn or its bishop after Beadwulf ... As to the possibility that there was confusion with another historical person named Heathored who might have been Bishop of Whithorn, there was a ...