Haversian Canals

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Haversian Canal
... Haversian canals (sometimes Canals of Havers, named after British physician Clopton Havers) are a series of tubes around narrow channels formed by lamellae ... The Haversian canals surround blood vessels and nerve cells throughout the bone and communicate with osteocytes in lacunae (spaces within the dense bone matrix that contain ... bone most of the individual lamellae form concentric rings around larger longitudinal canals (approx ...
Physiology Of Dinosaurs - Metabolism - Bone Structure
... Armand de Ricqlès discovered Haversian canals in dinosaur bones, and argued that they were evidence of endothermy in dinosaurs ... These canals are common in "warm-blooded" animals and are associated with fast growth and an active life style because they help to recycle bone to facilitate rapid growth and repair damage caused by stress or ... Dense secondary Haversian bone, which is formed during remodeling, is found in many living endotherms as well as dinosaurs, pterosaurs and therapsids ...

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