Hausdorff Spaces

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Regular Space - Relationships To Other Separation Axioms
... A regular space is necessarily also preregular, i.e ... Since a Hausdorff space is the same as a preregular T0 space, a regular space that is also T0 must be Hausdorff (and thus T3) ... In fact, a regular Hausdorff space satisfies the slightly stronger condition T2┬Ż ...
Hausdorff Space - Preregularity Versus Regularity
... All regular spaces are preregular, as are all Hausdorff spaces ... There are many results for topological spaces that hold for both regular and Hausdorff spaces ... Most of the time, these results hold for all preregular spaces they were listed for regular and Hausdorff spaces separately because the idea of preregular spaces came ...

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