In database design and object oriented program architecture, has-a is a relationship where one object (often called the composited object) "belongs" to (is a part or member of) another object (called the composite type), and behaves according to the rules of ownership. In simple words, has-a relationship in an object is called a member field of an object. Multiple has-a relationships will combine to form a possessive hierarchy. This is contrasted with an Is-a relationship which constitutes a different kind of hierarchy (subtyping). The decision whether the most logical relationship for an object and its subordinate is not always clearly has-a or is-a. Confusion over such decisions have necessitated the creation of these metalinguistic terms. A good example of the has-a relationship is containers in the C++ STL.

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... In databases has-a relationships are usually represented in an Entity-relationship model ... This shows that account has a "has-a" relationship with character ... This has-a relationship is also known as composition ...