Hamburger Steak

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Hamburgers (food) - History - Claims of Invention - Other Hamburger-steak Claims
... Various non-specific claims of the hamburgers invention relates to the term hamburger steak, but no mention of it being a sandwich ... The first printed American menu which listed hamburger was claimed to be an 1826 menu from Delmonico's in New York ... In 1889, a menu from Walla Wall Union in Washington offered hamburger steak as a menu item ...
Fighting Foodons - Characters - Foodons
... Burger Brigade (バーガー戦隊) A Team of six All-American Hamburger Foodons modeled after the Power Rangers/Super Sentai under the spell of King Gorge and ... members are BurRed (バーレッド) / Ground Chuck (the red one based on the original hamburger), BurBlue (バーブルー) / Jamburger (the blue one ... Sir Loin (こうきギュー, Kouki Gyuu) King Gorge gave this Sirloin Steak Foodon to Clawdia to prevent Chase from reaching him ...
Salisbury Steak Around The World
... Hamburg (ハンバーグ, hanbāgu?, Hamburg steak) is a popular Salisbury steak dish in Japan ... Many restaurants specialize in various styles of hamburger steak ... Hamburger steak became popular during the 1960s as a more affordable way to serve otherwise costly meat ...

Famous quotes containing the words steak and/or hamburger:

    Being American is to eat a lot of beef steak, and boy, we’ve got a lot more beef steak than any other country, and that’s why you ought to be glad you’re an American. And people have started looking at these big hunks of bloody meat on their plates, you know, and wondering what on earth they think they’re doing.
    Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. (b. 1922)

    To think that between a Hamburger and a Humburger, she would—invariably, with icy precision—plump for the former.
    Vladimir Nabokov (1899–1977)