Hamamelidaceae - Tribes


Subdivision of the five smaller subfamilies of Exbucklandioideae, Rhodoleioideae, Mytilarioideae, Disanthoideae and Altingioideae sensu Endress (1989) has not been considered necessary. However, the largest subfamily, Hamamelidoideae, has been subdivided once by Harms (1930) into five tribes and then revisited and restructured by Shulze-Menz (1964). Four tribes have been recognized since then sensu Endress (1989).

  • Hamamelideae (10 genera; Hamamelis, Loropetalum, Tetrathyrium, Maingaya, Embolanthera, Dicoryphe, Tricholcadus, Ostrearia, Nestrearia, Noahdendron)
  • Fothergilleae (8 genera; Molinadendron, Fothergilla, Parrotiopsis, Parrotia, Sycopsis, Distyliopsis, Distylium, Matudaea)
  • Eustigmateae (3 genera; Eustigma, Fortunearia, Sinowilsonia)
  • Corylopsideae (1 genus; Corylopsis)

The Hamamelideae can be further divided into subtribes Dicoryphinae, which includes genera distributed only in the southern hemisphere, Loropetalinae, with genera restricted to the tropical regions of Asia, and Hamamelidinae, which has one genus (Hamamelis) distributed in Asia and North America.

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