Hakata Station

Hakata Station (博多駅, Hakata-eki), located in Hakata-ku, is the main railway terminal of the city of Fukuoka, Japan. It is the largest and busiest station on Kyushu, and is a gateway to other cities in Kyushu for travellers from Honshū. The Sanyō Shinkansen from Osaka ends at this station. The station was being rebuilt, with the main building being torn down and a new, larger station building—as well as office buildings and new platforms—under construction.

The Hakata station reconstruction project was completed in 2011, specifically for the opening of the Kyushu Shinkansen extension from Hakata to Shin-Yatsushiro Station and continuing southward through its existing route to Kagoshima-Chūō Station. The new station building has Hankyu Department Store, its first branch store in Kyushu, as a tenant, as well as other first-in-Kyushu branch retailers including Tokyu Hands.

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