Guy Tutwiler

Guy Isbel Tutwiler (July 17, 1889 – August 15, 1930), nicknamed "King Tut," was a Major League Baseball player who played two seasons with the Detroit Tigers (1911, 1913). Born in Coalburg, Alabama, "King Tut" Tutwiler played in 27 major league games, including 14 at first base, 6 at second base, and 3 in the outfield. In his major league career, King Tut Tutwiler had a batting average of .203 with 16 hits, 7 runs scored, 10 runs batted in, 6 walks, 12 doubles, 2 stolen bases, and 1 triple. Tutwiler died in 1930 at age 41 in a train accident in Birmingham, Alabama.

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