Guts Man

This is a list of characters from the Mega Man series. In Japan, the Mega Man series is known as Rockman.

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Guts Man - Supporting Characters - Treble
... Treble (ゴスペル, Gosuperu?, Gospel) is Bass' equivalent to Mega Man's dog, Rush ... Like Rush, Treble can assume a jet-like form (as seen in Mega Man 8) and fly ... designs for the Rush Adapter during the events of Mega Man 7, Treble has been able to transform into an armored suit for Bass, the "Treble Boost" ...
Mega Man (TV Series) - History - Antagonists
... Protoman (voiced by Scott McNeil) – Mega Man's older brother and Wily's constant lackey ... abilities are similar to those of Mega Man he fires plasma resembling blue-energy and has on one occasion copied Guts Man's power in order to fight Mega Man ... Unlike in the Mega Man games, Protoman does not carry his trademark shield in the series ...
Shade Man - Supporting Characters - Robot Masters - Mega Man 1/Mega Man Powered Up Robot Masters
... Series Number Japanese Name Short Description Weapon DRN-003 Cut Man Cutman (カットマン, Kattoman) Cut Man was originally designed for land reclamation work particularly deforestation ... As revealed in Mega Man Powered Up, he is easily fooled, and can turn his scissors into a more shuriken-like weapon ... Cut Man also made a prominent cameo in the Captain N The Game Master episode "Mega Trouble for Megaland", he appears in the Mega Man cartoon as Dr ...
Fictional Crossover - Official Crossovers - Webshows
... and LowBrow Studios' original parody series, Sonic for Hire and Mega Man Dies At The End have a shared universe in their shows ... In a Mega Man Dies At The End episode On the Lam ... In the Sonic for Hire episode Mega Man ...

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