Guangdong TV

Guangdong Television (GDTV; Chinese: 广东电视台; Mandarin Pinyin: Guǎngdōng Diànshì Tái; Jyutping: Gwong2 dung1 din6 si6) is a television network owned by Southern Media Corporation in Guangzhou, Guangdong province in China. Guangdong TV is the oldest television station in Guangdong province, based in Guangzhou, near the Guangzhou TV Station. The station covers Guangdong and Guangxi provinces. At present, Guangdong TV has a staff of around 1,800 people.

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Guangdong TV - History - New Logo and Rise of Programming (1980–1999)
... In early 1982, a home-made first full TV series named Prawn Biography made its debut on GDTV ... In May 1982, Guangdong TV Weekly, a magazine, was established. 1988, two of GDTV's channels were renamed South Guangdong TV ...