GTV (Ghana)

GTV (Ghana Television) is the national public broadcaster of Ghana, run by the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation. It commenced operations on July 31, 1965 and was originally known as GBC TV.

GTV broadcasts mainly local programming, with over 80% of the schedule consisting of original productions. Although its main production studio is located in Accra, capital city of Ghana, it has affiliations nationwide and covers 98% of the airwaves in Ghana, making it the most powerful mode of advertisement in Ghana. Although GTV is largely funded by the Ghanaian government, it also collects annual fees from viewers (defined as every Ghanaian who owns a TV and has an erected antenna, regardless of whether they watch GTV or not).

GTV also broadcasts some American shows through its collaboration with other nationally owned Anglo-African TV stations. Some of these shows include, In The House, The Cosby Show, Taina, Becker, Everybody Loves Raymond, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Family Matters, Moesha, Soul Food, King of Queens, CNN, PBS, Cartoon Network, NBA, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Passions, Touched by an Angel and a host of others. Though most of these shows are not currently running on GTV, they once did or still are.

GTV also shows a lot of foreign movies particularly American movies as well as African-American music videos. Although entertaining, most of the shows on GTV are either educational (for example portraits of Ghanaian artists like Eric Adjetey Anang), or attempt to address Ghanaian social issues. The station also broadcasts live international events like the Olympic games, FIFA World Cup, Miss World and Miss Universe. TV shows as well as News or live local events (like the national soccer league) broadcast directly from the studios of GTV in Accra tend to have poor picture quality or bad sound effects. And even though GTV has been around for quite a while it still has some basic broadcasting problems and this makes it far from being a world class station like FOX, MNET, CNN or BBC. If this station was in America it will be on the same level with any PBS Station like KLRU TV in Austin - Texas or any college TV station, like UCSD TV in San Diego - California. Local competitors of GTV include TV3 and Metro TV, also located in Accra.