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The Legend

Leszek III, legendary Prince of Poland, 805?, had 14 sons, of whom the oldest was Popiel his successor to the throne. Leszek assured special parts of the realm to the remaining sons within his lifetime, obligating them by oath not to make the sovereignty of Popiel contentious. This ensured the safety and liberty of the country with a united army.

  • The other sons:
  • Barnim and Bogdal kept the principality of Pomerania.
  • Kazimierz and Wtadystaw, the principality of Kassuben (called later: West Prussia),
  • Vratislav, the island RĂ¼gen, with Przybyslaw.
  • Cieszymierz and Otto, the Lausitz,
  • Ziemowit and Zemornyst, the land of Brandenburg.
  • Jaxa with another brother, the Meissen county, in the Lausitz

All these sons united under one war flag given by Leszek. The Lechiten originally had a young lion on its war flag, then around 550, the white eagle appeared as a realm flag. The combination of both animal pictures into one figure has developed. Hence a lion's body and an eagle's head, which appears on and above the Gryf shield.

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