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Topicity - Diastereotopic
... The stereochemical term diastereotopic refers to the relationship between two groups in a molecule which, if replaced, would generate compounds that are ... Diastereotopic groups are often, but not always, identical groups attached to the same atom in a molecule containing at least one chiral center. 2S,3S)-2,3-dibromobutane In chiral molecules containing diastereotopic groups, such as in 2-bromobutane, there is no requirement for enantiomeric or optical purity no matter its proportion, each enantiomer ...

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    Fruits are acceptable gifts, because they are the flower of commodities, and admit of fantastic values being attached to them. If a man should send to me to come a hundred miles to visit him, and should set before me a basket of fine summer-fruit, I should think there was some proportion between the labor and the reward.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    Belonging to a group can provide the child with a variety of resources that an individual friendship often cannot—a sense of collective participation, experience with organizational roles, and group support in the enterprise of growing up. Groups also pose for the child some of the most acute problems of social life—of inclusion and exclusion, conformity and independence.
    Zick Rubin (20th century)