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Literary Criticism

  • The Language of Love in the Poetry of George Herbert and Emily Dickinson (1992) doctoral dissertation at University of California, Berkeley
  • Scribal and Print Publication: The Case of George Herbert's English Poems" (Fall 1999 / Spring 2000) George Herbert Journal, Volume 23, Numbers 1 & 2
  • "Glorious, Afflicting, Beneficial": Triangular Romance and Dickinson's Rhetoric of Apocalypse (Fall 2002) The Emily Dickinson Journal, Volume 11, Number 2
  • George Herbert’s ‘Holy Patterns’: Reforming Individuals in Community (June 2007) Continuum Literary Studies

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Famous quotes containing the words criticism and/or literary:

    Homoeopathy is insignificant as an art of healing, but of great value as criticism on the hygeia or medical practice of the time.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    Humorists can never start to take themselves seriously. It’s literary suicide.
    Erma Bombeck (b. 1927)