Greer - Surname


Note: also used as a middle and first name

  • Andrew Sean Greer, American novelist
  • Billy Greer, bassist
  • Bonnie Greer, American playwright and critic
  • Breaux Greer, American javelin thrower
  • Charlie Greer, American radio personality
  • Dabbs Greer, American actor
  • David Greer, British physicist and programmer
  • David Hummell Greer, Episcopal Bishop of New York
  • George Greer, American judge (of the Terri Schiavo case)
  • Germaine Greer, feminist writer, activist and academic
  • Gordon Greer, Scottish footballer
  • Hal Greer, American basketball player
  • Herschel Lynn Greer, American businessman from Nashville, Tennessee
  • Jabari Greer, American football player
  • James A. Greer, American naval officer
  • James Greer, American novelist and screenwriter
  • Jane Greer, American actress
  • Jim and Emily Greer, co-creators of Kongregate
  • John Michael Greer, American author, neo-druid, blogger
  • Judy Greer, American actress
  • Ken Greer, Canadian musician
  • Mary K. Greer, writer
  • Miyu Greer, fictional character in My-HiME
  • Robin Greer, American actress
  • Rusty Greer, baseball player
  • Sonny Greer, American jazz drummer
  • Steven M. Greer, physician and ufologist
  • Stuart Greer, American actor
  • William Greer, American presidential bodyguard

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