Green Ribbon

The green ribbon is a symbol used to show support for various cancers. The most common cancer support shown through the lime green ribbon are for the following medical conditions:

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Green Ribbon Club
... The Green Ribbon Club was one of the earliest of the loosely combined associations which met from time to time in London taverns or coffee-houses for political purposes in the 17th century ... The 'Green Ribbon' was the badge of The Levellers in the English Civil Wars in which many of the members had fought and was an overt reminder of their radical origins ...
Medals Of Honor (Japan) - Types - Green Ribbon
1950 since 1955 it has been replaced to some extent by the revived Medal with Yellow Ribbon (see below) ... However in 2003 the Medal with Green Ribbon was revived as an award to morally remarkable individuals who have actively taken part in serving the society ...
Green Ribbon - Other Uses
... spoof news programme Brass Eye host Chris Morris wears a green ribbon in support of people who have "Good AIDS" or AIDS contracted through no fault of their own ... The green ribbon can also indicate a support of music education, especially in Hispanic Communities in the United States ... At county or state fairs in the United States, green ribbons are awarded to competitors who finish in fifth place in contests ...

Famous quotes containing the words ribbon and/or green:

    I’ll tell you how the Sun rose--
    A Ribbon at a time--
    Emily Dickinson (1831–1886)

    We worshipped,
    we parted green from green,
    we sought further thickets,
    we dipped our ankles
    through leaf-mould and earth,
    and wood and wood-bank enchanted us.
    Hilda Doolittle (1886–1961)