Green Bin

A green bin is a short, rigid container used to collect biodegradable waste or compostable materials as a means to divert waste from landfills. In some localities green bins are also used to contain unsorted municipal waste. The bins are designed and manufactured by Norseman Environmental (an ORBIS brand), a manufacturer of recycling and organic waste containers in North America.

The program's purpose is to reduce the amount of waste shipped to landfills by turning organic waste into compost. The programs collect kitchen and related organic waste (typically including soiled paper products, pet waste, sawdust, and similar items) using a waist-high green curbside container, for which the programs are named. The municipality picks up the waste on a regular basis along with other garbage and recycling collecting, and composts it in an industrial composting facility. While it is true that home composting can also serve this purpose, the green bin programs are viewed as being more convenient and more inclusive of source materials.

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