Great Bear Lake - Ice Road

Ice Road

Great Bear Lake has one ice road, Deline ice road which links to the community of Tulita. It is used for few weeks out of the year to deliver supplies to the remote community of Deline. The road is about 105 km (65 mi) and follows the Great Bear River. The speed on the ice road is 70 km/h (43 mph) just like the Tuktoyaktuk ice road because there are no portages or stretches of land within the lake. The ice road is used mostly by semi-trailer trucks and the road usually can handle 64,500 kg (142,000 lb). The road usually opens around the middle of January and is subject to closure in late March or early April due to warm weather.

From 1960 until 1985 an ice road corridor from Great Slave Lake up the Marian River, and then down the Camsell River system, serviced silver mines at Great Bear Lake. This road was constructed by ice road pioneer John Denison.

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