Gray Rat Snake

The gray rat snake (Elaphe obsoleta spiloides), currently known as the Central ratsnake (Pantherophis spiloides), is a member of the genus Elaphe in the subfamily Colubrinae. Within the genus Elaphe, which includes rat snakes, corn snakes, and fox snakes, the gray rat snake is one of five subspecies, or races, of the black rat snake (E. obsoleta). The subspecies of Elaphe obsoleta include: the nominate black rat snake (E. o. obsoleta), gray rat snake (E. o. spiloides), yellow rat snake (E. o. quadrivittata), Everglades rat snake (E. o. rossalleni), and Texas rat snake (E. o. lindheimeri). However, many authorities do not currently recognize any of these subspecies.

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Gray Rat Snake - Status
... The gray rat snake is considered common and is not listed as a protected species by any states within its range ... However, in the state of Georgia, all indigenous, nonvenomous snakes are illegal to kill or capture, and are considered to be in the custody of the Georgia ...

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