Granny Dryden

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List Of Postman Pat Episodes - Episode List - Series 1
... post office to collect a registered letter to the camp site, and a parcel for Granny Dryden ... Jackson's Garden, then he delivers Granny Dryden's parcel and asks her to get a new digital watch, then he deliver some eggs and a registered letter to some campers ... Later Granny Dryden shows Pat an old water pump in the village ...
List Of Postman Pat Episodes - Episode List - Series 2
... The Ceiling" Pat offers to paint the ceiling for Granny Dryden, but some paint spills down his trousers ... First it chewed up Pat's sandwiches, then Dorothy's carrots, then Granny Dryden's washing line, knocked over Miss Hubbard of her bike, then brakes ... They got their clues from Granny Dryden, Major Forbes, Miss Hubbard, Peter Fogg, Mrs Goggins and Ted Glen, but where will they end up? ...

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    War is the trade of Kings.
    —John Dryden (1631–1700)

    “Well then, it’s Granny speaking: ‘I dunnow!
    Mebbe I’m wrong to take it as I do.
    There ain’t no names quite like the old ones, though,
    Nor never will be to my way of thinking.
    One mustn’t bear too hard on the newcomers,
    But there’s a dite too many of them for comfort....’”
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)