Grand Sanhedrin

The Grand Sanhedrin was a Jewish high court convened in Europe by Napoleon I to give legal sanction to the principles expressed by the Assembly of Notables in answer to the twelve questions submitted to it by the government. The name was chosen to imply that the Grand Sanhedrin had the authority of the original Sanhedrin that had been the main legislative and judicial body of the Jewish people in classical and late antiquity.

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Grand Sanhedrin - Sessions of The Sanhedrin
16, 19, 23, 26, and March 2, the sanhedrin voted without discussion on the replies of the Assembly of Notables, and passed them as laws ... After having received the thanks of the members, he closed the sanhedrin ... The decisions of the sanhedrin, formulated in nine articles and drawn up in French and Hebrew, were as follows that, in conformity with the decree of R ...

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