Goshir Gyaltsab - List of Gyaltsab Rinpoches

List of Gyaltsab Rinpoches

  1. Paljor Dondrub (1427-1489)
  2. Tashi Namgyal (1490-1518)
  3. Drakpo Paljor (1519-1549)
  4. Dragpa Dundrub (1550-1617)
  5. Dragpa Choyang (1618-1658)
  6. Norbu Zangpo (1660-1698)
  7. Konchog Ozer (1699-1765)
  8. Chophal Zangpo (1766-1817)
  9. Yeshe Zangpo (1821-1876)
  10. Tenpe Nyima (1877 - 1901)
  11. Dragpa Gyatso (1902-1949)
  12. (1954-)

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