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Gongen of Japan

  • Izuna Gongen (飯網の権現?) — Also called Izuna Myōjin and enshrined in Izuna Shrine in Nagano, it is similar to a tengu.
  • Izusan Gongen (伊豆山権現?) or Hashiri-yu Gongen (走湯権現?) — It's the spirit of a hot spring on Izusan, a hill in Shizuoka Prefecture
  • Kumano Gongen (熊野権現?) — Also known as Kumano Sanzan (熊野三山?). The kami enshrined in the three Kumano Sanzan Grand Shrines are the three Kumano mountains: Hongū, Shingū, and Nachi.
  • Seiryū Gongen (清滝権現?) — Enshrined in Jingo-ji in Takao as tutelary kami of the Shingon sect by Kūkai.
  • shō Daigongen — One of the most famous examples of gongen is the already mentioned Tōshō Daigongen (東照大権現?), or Tokugawa Ieyasu, posthumously enshrined in so-called Tōshō-gū shrines present all over Japan. The original one is Nikkō Tōshō-gū in Nikkō.
  • Zaō Gongen (蔵王権現?) or Kongō Zaō Bosatsu (金剛蔵王菩薩?) — A deity worshiped only by Japan's Shugendō sect.

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