Golden Delicious - Descendent Cultivars

Descendent Cultivars

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  • Arlet (Golden Delicious × Idared)
  • Bohemia (Lord Lambourne × Golden Delicious)
  • Chantecler (Golden Delicious × Reinette Clochard)
  • Delbarestivale delcorf (Golden Delicious × Stark Jonagrimes)
  • Elstar (Ingrid Marie × Golden Delicious)
  • Jonagold (Golden Delicious × Jonathan)
  • Pinova (Clivia × Golden Delicious)
  • Tentation delblush (Grifer (Blushing Golden) × Golden Delicious)
  • Cripps Pink (Lady Williams × Golden Delicious)
  • Mutsu (apple) (Indo apple × Golden Delicious)
  • Opal (apple) (Topaz × Golden Delicious)

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