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Speaker of National Assembly

Gohar Ayub had been long standing member of Pakistan Muslim League and had been elected for five times to the National Assembly from his home constituency. He first successfully contested a presidential election in March 1965 on a Muslim League platform. In 1977, he contested the National Assembly seat from Peshawar Jail and was elected on the ticket of Asghar Khan's Independence Movement party, and defeated the candidate Akhtar Nawaz Khan of Pakistan Peoples Party.

In 1990-93, Gohar Ayub Khan was appointed as senior vice president of the Pakistan Muslim League, and won the slot for the office of National Assembly. After successfully contesting the 1990 general elections, Gohar Ayub was appointed as 14th Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan on November 4, 1990, remaining until 1993. He was succeeded by Yousaf Raza Gillani (later current Prime minister) after the 1993 general elections. After his reelection in the 1993 general elections, Gohar Ayub became deputy leader of the opposition in the National Assembly. After the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz's victory in 1997, he was appointed Foreign Minister by Nawaz Sharif.

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